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Our Programs

Our Club offers a variety of programs in each of our five core program areas: education and career, character and leadership, health and life skills, sports, fitness and recreation, and the arts.

We know the importance of education. That’s why every afternoon after school you’ll find our members participating in Power Hour- our special focus on homework completion, tutoring, and academic success. But you won’t find just studying going on in or facilities; our members also engage in High Yield Learning Activities. These are simply fun activities, games, and projects with an educational purpose! During the summer we focus on Brain Gain- our way of preventing summer learning loss with exciting and engaging projects all summer long. Throughout the year we run specialized programs such as Goals for Graduation and Junior Staff to help our members get a plan to get their high school diploma and for life beyond their high school diploma.

Everything we do is focused on helping our members develop the skills they need to grow into good citizens with bright futures. Through mentoring with our youth development professionals, members are given opportunities to learn and grow into tomorrow’s leaders. There are ample ways to serve around the Club including Torch Club, our service leadership organization for preteens. Our members also volunteer with the Downtown Association each summer and also in the Westside Community Garden.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key. That is why we spend a lot of time emphasizing the importance of it during Club hours. Our Club offers a variety of programs such as cooking classes, SMART Moves- an alcohol and drug prevention program, yoga, nutrition classes, and Passport to Manhood and SMART Girls, our adolescent development programs, to ensure our members are ready to make wise decisions no matter what.

We love sports and having fun! Every day you’ll find members in the gym brushing up on their basketball skills, playing dodge ball, trying out fitness challenges, and just having a great time. We offer swimming lessons in the summer. Our Game Room is also open every day as a place for our members to relax, visit with friends, and play a variety of table, card, and board games.

Every day brings a different project to the Club art room. Our members work with a variety of mediums on many different projects throughout the year. In the last year they have worked on projects from many different cultures including various cultural masks, a life size paper mache’ mummy, Japanese lanterns, a replica Native American village, and much more.

Transportation Services

An open door after school only matters if you can reach it. In fact, transportation is one of the most mentioned reasons family’s say their child cannot attend an afterschool program according to the Montana Afterschool Alliance. Our organization offers transportation from several area schools each year to Club families. We know how important it is that your child can make it safely from school to their afterschool program. During the last school year we had 162 Club members utilize our transportation services. 

Do you know what else keeps Montana children our of after school programs? Affordability. That’s why we gave away 137 scholarships for transportation services last year.

2023-2034 school year routes and fees will be decided by August 2023. Stay tuned for more information!

Partners make it possible!

Our transportation services are only made possible thanks to generous support from our partners.

Academic Success Programs
Made possible by generous support from:
The mission: Every child promotes on time, every year, and ultimately graduates from high school with a plan for the future. 
We believe our Club members have unlimited potential. Our job is to make sure they also have opportunity to Be Great.
Our Clubs are open when youth need us most- after school and during school holidays. Monday through Thursday during the school year, our Club schedule includes dedicated homework and tutoring time called Power Hour. Our goal in Power Hour is to support the school day, and work in partnership with educators and families to provide academic support for youth. Club members can work on homework, receive tutoring or support, or participate in High Yield Learning Activities (think fun with a purpose!). 
During the summer, youth participate twice a day in Summer Brain Gain. This program includes hands on, week-long learning opportunities and projects designed to keep kids engaged in learning all summer long. In pilot Clubs, youth who participated in Brain Gain did not experience summer learning loss. Summer learning loss disproportionately affects at-risk youth, who can lose an average of two months of academic progress each summer without intervention. This is an opportunity gap. Our goal is to close the gap.